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Cesare Galligani, architect. Degree at the Politecnico in Milan (Thesis in Espinho, Portugal, 2008). Assistent professor in Politecnico di Milano (from 2009). Energy efficiency certifier (Lombardia, Italy 2012). Cesare Galligani collaborates with Onsitestudio Srl, office of architecture based in Milan (, from 2008.
Cesare Galligani establishes PLANAIR® ( /, architectural office based in Milan, in 2011.

PLANAIR® is a registered trademark in The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft Trade and Agriculture of Milan.
The Mission of PLANAIR® is the construction of a different world with the instruments of architecture. New building and places made by a strong idea, with a powerful image, in agreement with nature and human needs.

    Present and past collaborators:
  • Mauro Atzeni
  • Murat Bilen
  • Berk Kanguz
  • Daniele La Marca
  • Daniela Serini
  • Michael Schmidt

Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Engineering specialties coordination.
The Architectural design process, in each Project, in PLANAIR® Studio is developed in stages. The passage to the next stage starts always when the client approves the previous stage.

  • 1. Base program
    (Analisi e Studio di Fattibilità)
  • 2. Preliminary Design
    (Progetto Preliminare)
  • 3. Base Project / Approval Project
    (Progetto Definitivo e Pratiche Comunali)
  • 4. Execution Project / Measurements and Budget
    (Progetto Esecutivo)
  • 5. Contractor selection
    (Contratto di appalto con Impresa Costruttrice)
  • 6. Technical Assistence of the Execution Work
    (Direzione Lavori)
    Energy-Efficient Department:
  • Energetic Certification
    (ACE: Attestato di Certificazione Energetica Regione Lombardia)
  • Energy-efficient solutions for building renovation
    (Diagnosi energetiche e progetti di riqualificazione energetica per il costruito)